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Wholetones Healing Frequency Music

We are extremely excited to share Wholetones, The Healing Frequency Music Project by Michael S. Tyrrell.

We have been very drawn to the idea of healing with frequencies. When we discovered Wholetones it immediately resonated with us and we are thrilled to use this in our every day life!

The day we received Wholetones, we played several of the seven CD set, specifically 396, 528 & 639Hz. After Bobby left for work, I played 528 for several hours as I had a stressful day at work and was terribly drained. Our elder Pug, Ollie was asleep in my lap. To my surprise, the limp he had been challenged with for close to a year and a half was immediately healed after a few hours of being exposed to the 528 healing frequency. The atrophy that had developed also completely healed. I later realized that one of the areas the 528Hz addressed was circulation!!!

I also began playing Wholetones at work. I had an orchid at my desk that hadn't bloomed in two years. I had done nothing different other than play the frequencies. Within a few days there was a brand new shoot and it bloomed 11 flowers!

Each of the frequencies has a healing focus

396 Hz- Blood, liver, bone, brain & kidney function

417 Hz- Large intestine, enzyme production, digestion, stomach, metabolism, prostrate, gallbladder, weakness, headache due to diet, and lower back problems

444 Hz-Love

528 Hz- Balances hormones, pelvic issues, premenstrual syndrome, pre-menopause,muscle tension, pericardium heart muscle, weight problems, lymphatic and circulation issues

639 Hz- Edoncrine system, adrenal glands, gallbladder issues.

741 Hz- Thymus function, bolster the immune function, cleanse from infection (viral, bacterial, and fungal) soothe an upset stomach, improve function of pancrease, heart, blood and circulatory system.

852 Hz- Purely Spiritual

About Wholetones The Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project was created to promote positive, healthy change. Seven unique songs recorded in seven unique frequencies on seven CDs results in 2.5 hours of beautiful, transformational music. Wholetones has been found to relieve stress... promote healing... break negative cycles... and restore damaged DNA... in Minutes.

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