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Dave's Killer Bread

"The history of Dave's Killer Bread began in 2005, when co-founder Dave Dahl was welcomed back to the family bakery by his older brother Glenn after serving 15 years in prison. Dave seized the opportunity and worked tirelessly to develop a killer new recipe for organic and Non-GMO bread, which was debuted at the Portland Farmers Market in 2005. Dave’s Killer Bread was an instant hit.


What began as one man’s journey has turned into so much more. Today, Dave’s Killer Bread is the #1 organic bread in America, with distribution in all 50 states as well as Canada.  Additionally, approximately 1 in 3 of the more than 300 employee-partners at the company’s Milwaukie, Oregon bakery has a criminal background. These individuals demonstrate the commitment, the passion and the power to learn and grow, becoming some of the company’s most valued and trusted workers, filling positions from entry level jobs to management positions responsible for hundreds of employees and critical bakery operations."

Explore Cuisine

"Explore Cuisine is committed to fair trade and sustainable living, so that everyone benefits along the way – from the field to your home. 2% of proceeds support the Food to Thrive Foundation.


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Verified & Certified"

LIttle Northern Bakehouse

"Gluten-free doesn’t have to mean taste-free.

Gluten free options are difficult to find, expensive and don’t always have the taste or consistent quality of regular bread. At Little Northern Bakehouse we believe everyone should be able to include great tasting bread in their meal planning.

So we set out to provide wheat-free alternatives for celiacs, people with wheat sensitivities or if it is simply a dietary choice. After much trial and error, we arrived at a recipe that not only satisfied wheat-sensitive systems but also discerning taste buds. We’re most proud when customers tell us, “Wow! This tastes like real bread.”

Our gluten free breads are light in texture and have the consistency and feel of regular bread. They’re also vegan – meaning they’re egg free and use no animal by products.

We promise that we will never compromise on taste and texture. Every ingredient we use is guaranteed to come from only non-GMO sources.  We make only delicious baked goods that we know you’ll enjoy and align with your dietary and lifestyle choices."

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery



"We opened Silver Hills Bakery in 1989 with a mission to empower people by providing healthy choices. We believe investing in your own health is the greatest gift you can give someone because when you’re healthy, you’ll have more to share. By caring for one another and the planet, we create a truly healthy world. Making foods with care and purpose from sprouted grains and a simple list of ingredients, we aim to see to it that the nutrient-dense power of sprouted foods is shared in as many places as possible.


We are committed to making the best tasting, most nourishing, plant-powerful products possible. Our devotion is our promise, you can count on the pure authenticity and healthy goodness of our products. Everything we put in, you get out. All of our 100% plant-based products are made with nutrient-rich, high-fibre whole grains sprouted in clean, cold Canadian water. Each ingredient is guaranteed non-GMO, the way food is meant to be."

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