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Benefits of Far Infrared Ray (FIR)

Years ago I had heard that the only way to detox Bisphenol A (BPA) was from an infrared sauna. BPA is a chemical used to harden plastics and it's everywhere.

I first started by going to a free infrared sauna session at a chain called Perspire. It was pretty intense trying to stay fully inside the sauna for close to 40 minutes. I had to step out a few times and drink water. I did feel great afterwards but I was less inclined to go through that amount of heat on a regular basis.

A few years later my lower back was out and I was in a lot of pain. We walked over to a health expo and discovered the far infrared lamp and sauna. I was invited to sit down and test the lamp. Within 15 minutes I was standing upright and the pain was gone!!!! Usually it takes a few weeks to heal so I was more than intrigued how the lamp could do so much in such little time.

I was told the far infrared is different than infrared. The wavelength penetrates deeper into the muscle and bone for faster healing.

" 1.1 What is FIR radiation?With respect to the complete electromagnetic radiation spectrum, the infrared radiation (IR) band covers the wavelength range of 750 nm–100 μm, frequency range of 400 THz–3 THz, and photon energy range of 12.4 meV– 1.7 eV. It lies between the long wavelength red edge of the visible and the short edge of the terahertz (starting at 3 THz) spectral bands (Figure 1)." (1)

A far infrared study concluded significant improvement in back pain and quality of life for office workers when using a far infrared wavelength treatment for low back pain. (2)

I was also very interested in the sauna for a full body detox to remove heavy metals, boost immunity, skin health, etc. In May 2019 our far infrared Relax Sauna arrived and we absolutely love it. My goal is to at least enjoy a 20 minute session every other day if not every day. My skin is so soft and I can literally see it becoming more vibrant.



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