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I met Mimi and Henry at the Vegan Plantfest event June 2, 2018.  I was amazed at the highly dense amount of nutrition and care that went into each bottle! Most cold-pressed juices feel watered down.  Not JuiceMi!

I have done a 3-day juice cleanse in the past, but I could tell by the first sample that there was something unique about JuiceMi.  I am excited to share the love and commitment that Mimi and Henry have for our health through offering Cold-Pressed juices that contain 3 Lbs of produce in every bottle! soon as their storefront opens in the Balboa Pier area in Newport Beach, CA I will be beyond grateful to finish my long beach run with one of their delicious and nutricious juices!!!! 

How cool would it be to offer employees or friends a group cleanse instead of food truck events where we take in junk food instead of real nutrition?  Consider asking your employer to offer this awesome nutrient dense gift! 

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