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Living Intentions Superfoods

We have taken popcorn
to the next level!


"It all started with us using popcorn at home as a vehicle to give superfoods to our children and quickly turned into an exciting product idea. Now available for our customers our Activated Superfood Popcorn is bursting with amazing flavors, nutrient dense superfoods and the power of probiotics. Your favorite movie-time snack just entered a higher plane of consciousness!


NOW AVAILABLE in 1 oz single serve packages! Our perfect solution to getting outrageously tasty superfoods and probiotics on the go!"

Vegan Rob's


"Legendary entrepreneur Robert Ehrlich founded Rob’s Brand in 2015. Ehrlich had already created several of the most iconic snack brands of the past generation—including many of your favorite chips, puffs and other much-loved booty — and wanted to launch a new global snack food focused on nutrition and compassion."


We make coconut energy bars that taste like dessert. We are a father and son company in San Diego that uses exclusively organic, vegan, and gluten free ingredients to make a healthy snack perfect any time of day (or night).



"Established in 1993, our mission has been to provide quality baked goods that not only taste great, but also contain protein and fiber.


It all started out with two gym rats who were tired of eating the same old choices to get their protein. Chicken breast after chicken breast, protein shake after protein shake... there had to be a better way to get more protein in your diet while enjoying something tasty. So these two gym rats thought of all the yummy things they craved, and decided, "Why can’t we add protein to them?"

And that's how Lenny and Larry's started. "We are always experimenting with new flavors and new ingredients but we promise to keep the same great taste. Baked Nutrition? Sounds good to us!"

Today Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie® forms the foundation of a whole new category of food: Baked Nutrition®. Vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO – using only the finest ingredients – Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie® contains our secretly formulated blend of vegetable protein. No animal stuff in our cookies!

We are all about convenience so when you're on the go, take a cookie or two with you. Unlike most energy bars or protein shakes, our flavor-filled cookie actually tastes like a homemade cookie. With 11 exciting flavors to choose from and more flavors coming, Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie® is Nutritious-ly Delicious-ly Fun!"

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