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Is Wi-Fi in Schools Harming Our Children? The Testimony of Rodney Palmer

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Direct link to article:

"Two children have dropped dead in Simcoe County Schools since Wi-Fi was installed..."

~ Rodney Palmer (min. 2:07)

Rodney Palmer gives concerning testimony to the Royalty Society of Canada on how the roll out of powerful wi-fi systems in Canadian schools may account for debilitating and even deadly side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest in students

Rodney Palmer's Testimony on Oct 28th, 2013 to the Royal Society of Canada on Safety Code 6:

"When their findings don’t fit his business model.

When they don’t like the message, they disparage the messenger.

At my own child’s school at Mountainview Elementary in Collingwood, Ontario. We bypassed the opinions of these business people and we went right to the source, much like a journalist would. And we asked the MOTHERS if their kids were healthy. And we got a consistent answer from about half of them.

For 18 months they’d been in and out of doctor’s offices with a range of neurological symptoms.

By coincidence it was 18 months when the school installed the WIFI. And we found out that at least 4 children had erratic tachycardia, that confounded their doctors and they were wearing heart monitors to school.

The older children who were a little more aware of their bodies told us they had blackouts in certain areas of the school. One even said he couldn’t hold a pencil inside the school. And these were all symptoms that occurred daily during school and disappeared on weekends and holidays.

We found out the school board had installed a wireless internet system powerful enough to run 300 computers at once and they thought it was awesome. There’s only 7 computers in the school using this system.

The parents of the affected shall pay for hardwired connection kids can feel healthy again. But the school board said no, the children must be exposed to WIFI at school. Even the children who were sick and presented to the school board themselves were told “No, you may not plug your computer into the wall, you must sit all day in a sea of microwave radiation.

Their reason, safety code says it’s safe. Safety code 6 says we don’t have to listen to your complaints. Safety code 6 is an excuse for everything. It was the only thing they had. They wouldn’t tell us when it was installed. They wouldn’t tell give us access to attendance records to figure it out for ourselves or when it started.

We wrote to the school board officials, public health officials, Cabinet ministers We did all the due process you’re supposed to do and they all had the same cut and pasted answer, Safety Code 6 says we’re wrong – there are no health effects.

Two children have dropped dead in Simcoe County schools since WIFI was installed. Their heart simply stopped beating. One was named Jetton. one was a little boy named Chase.

It’s curious that this would happen twice to children just over 10 years old. There’s only 50,000 students in the entire school district. I did my research to find out if this was normal or abnormal. Turns out the estimate is 1: 1.3 million per childhood cardiac arrests. This was 20 times higher than expected.

Far exceeds the level expected environmental influence. It should have been examined. It should have triggered a public health investigation. But it was only 2 kids, not a high number.

Then it happened again. Another Simcoe County school, to a 13-year old who dropped from cardiac arrest in the schoolyard, lucky for him he was revived by a defibrillator after someone called 911. He evacuated to Sick Childrens Hospital in Toronto and had a pacemaker installed on his heart. Then within the year it happened again in another Simcoe County school, to a 16- year old boy. Who was brought back to life by his gym teacher using CPR. Evacuated to Sick Kids and had a defibrillator installed in his heart.

This was 4 kids with cardiac arrest. It brought the observed rate of juvenile cardiac arrest within Simcoe County schools to 40 times the expected. The only response by the Simcoe County School Board has been to install defibrillators in 100% of the students.

I alerted the Simcoe County Public Health Department about an illness cluster in our school that I believed deserved investigation. I was told that according to Safety Code 6 this was IMPOSSIBLE and did not warrant investigation.

So as a trained reporter and a very experienced one, I read Safety Code 6 where it said no one had to investigate a rash of unusual symptoms emerging after the installation of a new technology. And I noticed a critical statement at the beginning of the document that we’re all talking about here today. And I’ll quote from page 3 of Safety Code 6 in case you haven’t read it - “In a field where technology is advancing rapidly, and where unexpected and unique problems may occur, this code cannot cover all possible situations.”

Levels of safety that were determined 3 decades ago and are being applied to a different world. The 21st century schools are washed in microwave radiation. Children don’t like to stay home from school. The special interest groups have called themselves Skeptics say ‘it’s all in their heads’. So how would they scientifically explain erratic tachycardia, measured on a heart monitor? Child’s heart rate moves from 68 beats per minute to 200 per minute in a single beat?

How is that heart monitor measuring something that’s in the child’s head?

One parent asked if her son could be moved to the back of the class, away from the transmitter because he had a headache. He left for school healthy every morning and developed headaches shortly after sitting down at his desk. The teacher said “no”. The school board told him he’s not allowed to move any student, based on an illness from WIFI, because it doesn’t exist.

His mother removed him from school permanently, the kid doesn’t go to school anymore, as a mother WOULD who instinctively protects her children. This 9-year old boy became 1 of many in Simcoe County, including my own, who didn’t go to school anymore. As this little boy can’t tolerate microwave radiation, despite health promised.

The school board measured the levels of microwave radiation, and I’m sure this question is popping up in your mind right now – what was the measurement? Their goal was to compare the levels in the school to Safety Code 6, which we questioned. We questioned these levels and we believe they’re inadequate. But, they were going to measure it against Safety Code 6, probably so they can shut us up once and for all because we were causing so much trouble.

Except, what happened SHOCKED even the school board. The very first location where they measured, exceeded the microwave levels that trigger heating reaction. It exceeded the upper threshold of Safety Code 6 by 34%. And I’ll be happy to supply you with this document.

So, we were right! Our kids were sick at school and nowhere else. There was no mold problem, no recent renovation, chemical building materials. Only a newly installed massive WIFI system. They measured and found that radiation created by the WIFI exceeded Safety Code 6 thermal threshold by 34%. And that explained how my son came home from school with hot ears every day. He was being cooked by microwaves.

School WIFI operates at 2.4 GHz, the same frequency as a microwave oven.

So, did they shut it down?

Evacuate the school?

Did they alert the teachers? Parents? Students?


No, the Simcoe County District School Board kept it quiet. They told no one. They downplayed the results as insignificant and failed to tell the parent who were BEGGING for answers.

When we finally found out about the test, that we were right, they changed their approach to Safety Code 6. They now said that Safety Code 6 upper limits can be exceeded 50 times. So they relied on Safety Code 6 until it became inconvenient and now they disregard it. They now expose our children to as much radiation as they want in order to connect 7 computers to the internet. No matter if kids are too sick to go to school. No matter if kids drop dead in their gyms. No matter if their own metric of what is too much radiation has been exceeded in a school where kids are commonly wearing heart monitors.

This is real! You can look this up in the newspaper.

Fast forward 3 years, my kids are safe. A local private school decided to dismiss Health Canada. Take its WIFI out to protect the children. I have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to enroll them and we have a perfectly good public school system. The school my kids go to chooses to keep them safe while the public school system chooses to intentionally expose them to microwaves that exceeds Safety Code 6 limits.

A Grade 8 boy from school had to leave recently because he developed Pancreatitis, he’s 13. I’ve been told by doctors who are pediatricians that they’ve never seen this before.

A Grade 8 boy in the next school over developed cancer recently. Is it because of the WIFI? Well nobody knows because nobody’s going to check. Not even when the kids going to drop dead in their gyms are they going to check.

So why is it that nobody pays attention to this obvious problem?

I suspect that Health Canada is manipulating the system. I’ve seen their officials mislead reporters on national television. Stating that there is no evidence of biological effects of microwave radiation below thermal levels, when there is plenty of evidence. Stating that kids and fetuses can tolerate 50 times more radiation than thermal threshold.