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The Dangers of Microwave Radiation

I unplugged and stopped using a microwave well over a decade ago. Please protect yourself and your family and get rid of the microwave!

To quote the following article from Natural News:

"The electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by common household microwaves is something Russia has taken seriously in the past. After conducting thorough research into the health effects of microwave EMFs, Russia determined in 1976 that microwaves were dangerous to their people. In that year, Russia banned the devices to protect their citizenry."

It is also very telling when you look at the Project Pandora Microwave Test Facility Report prepared by E.V. Byron October 1966.

On page 253 of Minutes from the Pandora Meeting 6/18/69:

If Russia discovered the dangers of microwave radiation and banned it to protect its citizens in 1976, then why is the U.S. Government continuing to test the physical, behavioral, and biological effects on man and animals in exhausting detail?

On page 465 of the Project Pandora report, the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in Washington, D.C. sent a letter August 12, 1977 to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). In this letter they stated the oversight hearings on radiation health and safety raised several questions that were not able to be answered by the DOD (Department of Defense) testifying witnesses.

On page 461 of the "Unclassified" document dated Oct 9, 1979 it is mentioned that the data on the special signal must be continued as TS-LD (Top Secret-Limited Distribution).

It is also mentioned that WRAIR (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research) in Washington, D.C. is experimenting with low level microwave radiation and the tests are Unclassified with the exception of identifying the special signal.

A few items of interest included in a bibliographic listing (begins on page 308) focused on the biological effects of radiation.

Page 333:

Page 317:

Page 316:

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