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Functional Medicine the Answer to Proactive Health

For the past 10 years I have personally been searching for answers to a mind boggling question about the health industry and its extremely limited ability to treat causation.

In 2007 I became allergic to EVERYTHING! After 8 months of suffering multiple bouts of excruciating three-day migraines, 5 rounds of antibiotics and a trip to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist who wanted to do exploratory surgery, I was DONE!!! Mainstream medicine had failed me miserably. I was beyond frustrated, highly offended by the mistreatment, lack of answers and zero solutions.

Fast forward and we have a massive Health Revolution unfolding before us. We have doctors that are discovering Functional Medicine.

I have since started my journey of personalized health to discover what I call my thousand piece puzzle. Dr. Zimmerman is a MD/Functional Medicine Doctor. She approaches health like a detective looking for causation. After answering extensive questionnaires we met for close to 2 hours for a full evaluation. During this time we determined what tests would help us address any areas of concern. After the test results were received, we began our next leg of the journey.

After being Vegan for over a year, I wanted to determine any potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the cause of loss of elasticity in my skin and parasite challenges since I had read that everyone is infected. It was quite surprising that the tests revealed that I did NOT have any indication of parasites. This only confirmed how stealth these critters are because I had already seen them leaving my body after three different parasite cleanses! Shortly after reviewing the results, I checked again and sure enough, they were still there, hiding far enough out of site in the upper intestinal tract where these tests do not reach.

Other tests revealed the need for nutrient supplementation, digestive enzymes, probiotics, shifting from coconut to Argan oil and a few genetic areas that required more testing. At this time, all suggestions are being addressed accordingly and we will review additional tests three to four months later to gauge progress and any other areas that require adjustments.

This is indeed the most exciting journey to know how to personalize a long healthy Vegan path providing my body exactly what it needs to be the most efficient and effective in proactive living.

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